New gay/bisexual group for non-Dutch speakers

Are you a gay man? Is Dutch not (yet) your thing, but do you have a good command of English? Are you looking to make new friends and acquaintances?
Then this new group for gay or bisexual men in Utrecht might be of interest for you.

Character and atmosphere

The Kringen is a network of groups (called circles) of LGTB’s in the Netherlands, established over 50 years ago. Over 1,000 people meet regularly in around 100 circles all over the Netherlands. Each circle has its own character and atmosphere but they all have in common that the members meet around once a month. There are various kinds of circles; circles for lesbians, for gays, mixed circles, circles for young adults, adults, etc. The meeting is usually at the home of one of the members, but a circle can also decide to meet elsewhere. Usually the host rotate, so that each member has his/her turn to invite the members to his/her home.


Often it is also the host who decides how the evening (or afternoon) is spent; which topic is discussed or what activity is done. However, each circle is free to arrange this the way it best fits them. The topic of the meeting can be an individual experience or any other topic. It can be an LGTB related topic, but also anything else. Circles are free to decide this. There are also circles that do not meet at somebody’s home, but go out for dinner, dancing, cinema, hiking, cooking, etc.

The idea is that, through these monthly meetings, a close bond is tied between the members, and an atmosphere is created in which everybody feels at ease to share and discuss all sorts of personal matters. The golden rule is that, what is discussed in a circle, stays in the circle. But please bear in mind that a circle is not a self-help group or therapy session! The Kringen is also not the place to seek a casual sex-partner.

Circle leader

Each Circle has a Kringleider (Circle leader); a member of the circle who ensures a smooth running of the circle, arranges for the dates and is the contact person in case of problems. He or she is also the contact person to the national organization, and receives from the national organization support and training. The kringleider is also responsible for new members: (s)he will first meet a potential new member, usually together with a member of the circle, to assess whether there is a match between the atmosphere of the circle and the ideas the potential member has.

For young English speaking gay men

In the province of Utrecht there are about 20 circles. Recently a new group was set-up for young English speaking gay men. Considering the nature of our organization, as explained above, this circle is suitable for people who are going to stay for a few years or longer in the Utrecht area.

Are you interested? Do you want to learn more about our organization? Then please fill out the form to sign in. Your details will be treated discretely. After signing in we will e-mail to make an appointment for a telephone call. In this call you can ask any question you have before attending.

Welcome in the Kringen (Pages in Dutch)

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